YAY! I kept a little person alive now for 8 weeks! Happy ‘8 weeks’ birthday Liberty!


This little girl is my world! Now we have hit the 8 week milestone and no one is as shocked as me that I managed to keep this little person alive as I could hardly look after myself before she came! Continue reading “YAY! I kept a little person alive now for 8 weeks! Happy ‘8 weeks’ birthday Liberty!”



Back to work for half a day to help with my anxiety! People think I am crazy but to me I need to get back into it so I can realise that they can cope without me and help curb that fear of missing out! I am looking forward to it but I’m sure that will change within 10mins! 🤣 Gutted that I can’t guarantee a seat anymore as have no bump! #missmybump



I have struggled with mental illness for along time and was diagnosed with bipolar in 2008! I have had some extreme highs and some dark lows! I have learnt to take every day as it comes and know that it’s okay not to be okay and not be ashamed of my illness! I do struggle sometimes to work out whether some of my thoughts are what I actually think or are they medicated. I have tried all sorts of therapy to help manage my illness and the best method I have found is writing this blog!

This Blog allows me to write down my thoughts and feelings, share my life and be a place where I am able to talk about topics or experiences which I can relate to and then give my view to help me learn from them. This is the best therapy for me! I highly recommend it! I have helped a number of people with it which makes it even more worthwhile! #worldmentalhealthday

‘It’s Showtime’ and the aftermath – My Labour Story – PART TWO


I was nervously waiting for the midwife to come and check the status of my cervix following on from the start of the contractions that afternoon.  I felt a mixture of emotion, praying that it was ready but then panic set in as it would be time and I wasn’t ready! So at 21:30 …. The result was ….. IT’S READY!!!

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Times up Liberty! – My Labour Story – PART ONE


Finally I am at the point where I was able to write and relive my labour experience. It wasn’t what you would have classed as ‘bad’ as I didn’t have to have an emergency C section, lose blood, Liberty wasn’t in danger but to me it was horrific. I say that as I am traumatised by the pain I experienced during it to the point that I would honestly say that I would be scared to have another.

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WEEK 41 – Eviction Notice Issued for 07.09.18

week 41

OFFICIALLY 7 DAYS OVERDUE! I never thought that I would have to wait this long to meet her! I am trying to hold it together and thank everyone for their love, support and encouragement to help and distract me from stressing! So far I have had 2 failed sweeps over the last week and I tried all the methods to get her moving (and I mean all of them) but to no avail. I have the final sweep this afternoon and 🙏🙏 she will come soon! But if not she will be evicted on Friday following the public vote! #votefixing 🗳 I just want to hold her and see her face!


Hello September – Hello to be being one of the oldest in the school year Liberty!


The August due date has been and gone and still no Liberty! I think that subconsciously Liberty knew that I wanted a September baby hence why she is holding on! (You can come out now!) The reason being is that I wanted a baby that would be the oldest in the school year.

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